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Find out all about parking at Extra Services

Why are there parking charges?

All motorway service area operators offer free parking for typically 2 hours but charge for parking after this period. Extra motorway service areas offer up to 3 hours free! Our main purpose is to provide a safe place to rest and relax for long-distance travellers; Charging for parking periods longer than 3 hours means we can …

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Where do I park my HGV?

We are obliged by our operating agreements with National Highways to provide a certain number of spaces for HGV’s, a certain number for coaches and a certain number for cars. We have clearly marked dedicated parking areas which fulfil this agreement. You must endeavour to park your HGV in a space marked for HGVs.  Parking …

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Where do I pay for parking?

Everybody can pay for parking in the same way, at the payment terminals located within the amenity building/food court entrance areas. You cannot pay over the phone, via the internet, or within a tenant brand partner retail or food outlet.

Is there free parking?

Parking is free to all for ‘up to’ your 1st 3 hours at all of our locations. Charges apply thereafter. You cannot leave and return within a 24 hr period to claim a further free parking session. Please note that all tariffs are ‘up to’ which means that you cannot add ‘up to’ 3 free …

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