Supreme 99 Performance+ Now available at Leeds Skelton Lake Services

Texaco’s highest ever octane fuel is now available at Leeds Skelton Lake services. Supreme 99 Performance⁺ has an octane rating of 99 compared to 97 for Texaco’s previous Supreme Unleaded petrol and has been designed to help motorists keep their engines performing at their best.

The key features of the new fuel include helping to increase engine power, improve acceleration, reduce engine-knock and aid fuel economy. What’s more, Supreme 99 Performance⁺ is an E5 petrol and can therefore be used as an alternative to our regular E10 petrol should it be required.

Stuart McBride, Valero’s brand marketing manager said “With Supreme 99 Performance⁺ customers visiting Leeds Skelton Lake have an unleaded grade which gives them an alternative to 99 Octane fuels from the likes of Shell and Esso. While the new fuel will clearly appeal to owners of performance vehicles who want to maximise the performance of their engine, we also expect it to appeal more widely to customers who want to look after their car and treat their engine to a high-quality fuel”.