Ionity Electric Vehicle Charging now open at Blackburn with Darwen Services

M65 Junction 4, BB3 0AT

Ionity super fast ELectric Vehicle Charging is now Open at Blackburn with Darwen Services. Serving you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

With IONITY, you have the freedom to go. And the power to be spontaneous. Europe’s leading, high power charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) means only stopping when you want to stretch your legs – and the confidence to leave the city and chase the wind.


All of us at IONITY are driven by the belief that powering an EV across Europe should be so carefree that soon you’ll never even think about it again. Over the coming years, driving an EV will increasingly mean freedom for everyone. Freedom to power your dreams across borders. To travel anywhere in Europe. To hop in, and only then decide where you’re going.


IONITY is a joint venture of BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes Benz AG and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. Our goal is simple: Building a high power charging network for electric vehicles along major highways in Europe.

Our headquarters are located in Munich, Germany, with an additional office outside of Oslo, Norway. 


The power of charging at 350 kW is the power to stop, drink a coffee, and go. At maximum speed, you can be on your way within minutes. Competing networks provide less power, and charge points in cities are even slower. So the first time you use an IONITY charging point, try not to be surprised how quickly… it’s over. 

AC/DC – Powering an EV Revolution

Say goodbye to the days of each European country having a different plug. And say hello to hassle-free EV travel across the continent and back, any way you like. It’s so easy that the first time you use CCS will be the last time you’ll ever have to think about it.

The key to understanding IONITY’s 350 kW advantage is to take a closer look at how electricity is transmitted and stored. AC power is easily transmitted across long distances, and perfect for instant use in your home. That’s why the electric grid provides AC power for all your day-to-day needs, whether turning on a light bulb or the TV. DC power, however, is better for storage, which is why DC power is used in the batteries powering everything from electric toothbrushes to electric cars. Standard EV charging takes these two characteristics into consideration, but is slow because it depends on a built-in module in your car  to convert AC power from the grid into DC power to charge you EV’s battery. IONITY’s charging stations eliminate this bottleneck by directly converting AC power to DC via industrially-robust electronics before transmitting it straight into your car’s battery at full velocity – slashing charge times at record speed.

The result is extreme power, extreme speed – and a charging experience so short you barely have time to stretch your legs and grab a snack. Faster charges, and shorter stops is how IONITY gets you home, to your loved ones, or out into nature with time to spare.